Meeting Comics is a workplace comedy soap opera which began as a straight-up gag comic. You can read it on Patreon, in print, or as a PDF. There are new pages three times a week at the patreon and new issues for sale every two months! There is also a book collection from Adhouse Books which you can order from me, from Adhouse, or from your preferred comic shop (Diamond order code DEC191334) or bookstore (ISBN 978-1-935233-59-6).

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“Andrew Neal’s evolution as a cartoonist in his Meeting Comics strip has been fascinating to watch. He transformed it from an inchoate series of gag panels to an absurd but fully fleshed-out narrative chock full of complex, layered characters.”
Rob Clough, High Low

Meeting Comics #21 is all about Val. It’s a completely self-contained punk rock comedy mystery set in 1996 called Where the Rent Went!

Below is a sampling of pages of Meeting Comics: the book from Adhouse Books! Watch in awe as Meeting Comics grows from a gag comic into an absurd, cynical yet heartfelt workplace soap opera! Quake in apprehension as our heroes face racism, sexism, punk rock shows, and robots! Marvel at the mysterious vigilante who cuts grand opening ribbons before the mayor can do it! Laugh at sophisticated yet stupid jokes! 160 pages! A mere $14.95! Collects the first six issues of Meeting Comics! Includes an intro from Ben Passmore!


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March 26 2020 Interview at The Comics Journal.

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