HI, I’M ANDREW NEAL. I write, draw, and self-publish Meeting Comics, which is a comedy soap opera comic that began as a straight-up gag comic. You can read it on Patreon, in print, or as a PDF. There are new pages three times a week at the patreon and new issues for sale as they’re ready, every two or three months! There is also a book collection from Adhouse Books. You may be able to find the book in the wild, but as it’s functionally out of print for now, you might need to order from me! I also occasionally write about comics and conduct interviews with cartoonists.

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“Andrew Neal’s evolution as a cartoonist in his Meeting Comics strip has been fascinating to watch. He transformed it from an inchoate series of gag panels to an absurd but fully fleshed-out narrative chock full of complex, layered characters.”
Rob Clough, High Low

“I tell you what, I had some doubts about the wisdom of reviewing every single issue of this series (that Andrew was nice enough to send me) instead of just doing the collected edition and a few random issues. Seeing it all unfold this way is just ridiculously impressive, as this is not a collection of characters that I would have guessed would turn into a coherent story. And yet!”
Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

“Where the Rent Went is full of excellent characters, a solid plot, and art that is just dreamy. The chaos of the house, the shows, and the characters is highlighted by Neal’s dynamic use of patterns, texture, and lettering.”
Sidney Drmay, Broken Pencil Magazine

“The writer finds clever ways of writing to trick the reader’s brain into creating a kind of sing-song way of reading, which sounds annoying as I’m writing it out, but, in reality, is pretty cute.”
Tricia Ramos, Razorcake

“…the most tasteful drawing of a penis I have ever seen.”
Rick V, Razorcake


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Contact: my email is neal at wanderlane dot com.