I didn’t just spring into being with the debut of Meeting Comics in 2018. Below are links to comics that I have created before Meeting Comics as well as some of my other creative work in comics!


A gross comic about a dude and some mushrooms. From 2013. Originally published in Monster 2013 by Hidden Fortress Press. Click to Read!

A comic about a lady, her ghosts, and her cat. From 2015. Click to read!

A comic about a lady, her husband, and that guy. The comic that people used to read in front of me at shows and then go “what the fuck was that?” From 2017. Click to read!

I worked on this comic before Meeting Comics, and I never finished it. It was my first attempt at a longer work. I learned a lot about how I wanted to make comics while working on it, both because of things I did well and things I did poorly. The best way to learn about making comics is to make them, and once I had learned a pile of lessons from this, I abandoned it. I put together a PDF in 2020 of all the pages I finished. I do not intend to ever finish this project, but here’s a PDF of what I did finish. I like some of the jokes and some of the drawings! The colors are rough!

Click here to download a PDF of The Incomplete Teenage Gender Neutral Turtles.


I did not draw this comic, but I did draw an exclusive cover to the comic that you could only get at the comic shop I used to own, Chapel Hill Comics. Added bonus: I also designed the Chapel Hill Comics logo! From 2012.

I was the art director for Ghost Variant, a group of retailers who commissioned variant covers for popular comics from skilled artists and released them with no prior promotion to an unsuspecting comic reading audience. If you want to know more, Jim Rugg interviewed me about the project for Boing Boing. From 2012.

Below are the logo I designed as well as examples of Ghost Variant covers with my logo in use.

Walking Dead #101 Ghost Variant. Art by Jim Rugg.
12 Reasons to Die #1 Ghost Variant. Art by Jason Jägel.
Sex Criminals #1 Ghost Variant. Art by Yuko Shimizu.
Fatale #15 Ghost Variant. Art by Darwyn Cooke.