Meeting Comics #23: Hell Hand and Other Stories includes five stories, ranging from four to eight pages long, from the world of Meeting Comics. Presented here is The Golden Clipper, in which we learn a bit about Thomas’s past. You can order the issue here!

Here are the contents of the issue:

HELL HAND: Meet an infernal being when they visit Occult Classics, the bookstore run by Rafael, one of Ellie’s exes!
TINA AND ELLIE’S NEXT CASE: Find out along with Tina and Ellie what their next case will be! It’s a horrible idea, frankly!
VAL’S FIRST KISS: Join Val and some pals for Thanksgiving and learn the story of Val’s first kiss!
SUBSTANDARD PARENTS: Like awkward family interactions? Well you’ll love seeing what happens when Kevin meets up with his mom and son in the park!
THE GOLDEN CLIPPER: Eavesdrop on Thomas’s dad as he tells Marisol a pivotal story of Thomas’s youth!

Order the issue here!