Inktober 2019 Drawings

All these drawings were made for the Inktober challenge in 2019! They’re available for sale. They’re 5″x7″ on 100lb cardstock. The cost is $25 shipped in the US for the first, and $20 for each additional drawing. If you have something else coming from me via my webstore or patreon, I can stick it in with that, which knocks $5 off the price of the first one!

You can learn more about Inktober, including the prompts which I referred to at

You can purchase these at my webstore.

Inktober 1: RING
SOLD! Inktober 2: MINDLESS
Inktober 3: BAIT
Inktober 4: FREEZE
Inktober 5: BUILD
SOLD: Inktober 6: HUSKY
Inktober 8: FRAIL
SOLD! Inktober 9: SWINGSOLD:
SOLD: Inktober 10: PATTERN
Inktober 11: SNOW
SOLD! Inktober 12: DRAGON
SOLD: Inktober 13: ASH
Inktober 14: OVERGROWN
SOLD! Inktober 15: LEGEND
Inktober 16: WILD
Inktober 17: ORNAMENT
SOLD! Inktober 18: MISFIT
Inktober 19: SLING
SOLD: Inktober 20: TREAD

SOLD: Inktober 20 bonus art on the back! Two for the price of one!
SOLD! Inktober 21: TREASURE
SOLD: Inktober 22: GHOST
SOLD! Inktober 23: ANCIENT
SOLD: Inktober 24: DIZZY
Inktober 25: TASTY
Inktober 26: DARK

SOLD: Inktober 27: COAT

SOLD: Inktober 27 bonus art on the back! Two for the price of one!
Inktober 28: RIDE
Inktober 29: INJURED
Inktober 30: CATCH
Inktober 31: RIPE